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Coleman’s March

Coleman's March


This tune is played by both old-time players and Irish players. I initially learned it from Mary Custy and Eoin O’Neill on their album With a Lot of Help From Their Friends.

Legend has it that Coleman played it on his guitar as he was sitting on his coffin while being carted away to the noose in the 1880s, having been wrongfully accused by his live-in sister-in-law of murdering his wife.

Also attached to the tune is the legend that before Coleman was hanged he offered his fiddle to anyone who could play the tune as well as he, and at least one source identified a Kentucky fiddler named Franz Prewitt as the recipient. 

As played by Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer on banjos.

As played by fiddler Pete Sutherland in DDAD tuning.

As played by Steve Baughman on Farewell to Orkney.

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